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UPVC Patio Door

Generally,uPVC patio door is what we call uPVC sliding patio door. The main difference between uPVC patio door and uPVC French door is how they open. uPVC French doors which are commonly called casement doors are opened outwards or inwards on a hinge. uPVC Patio door moves on sliding tracks. There are UPVC patio doors with two or three tracks that are respectively named as 60mm, 80 or 88mm series. UPVC patio door is a better option because of its advantage of space saving which benefits from its opening way. In a word, UPVC patio door is always one of popular door style people prefer in our daily life.

PVC Window Door Profiles With UV Protection
PVC Window Door Profiles With UV Protection

UPVC Sliding Patio Door Profile
UPVC Sliding Patio Door Profile

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