White PVC Profile fro uPVC Windows

Unit Price: USD 1300.0000 / Ton
Payment Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Min. Order: 5 Ton
Delivery Time: 25 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: LMPK-70

Type: Profiled

Material: UPVC

Forming Way: Extrusion

Application: Decoration Parts

Material Properties: UV/Weather Resistance

Markets Served: Windows & Doors

Customized: Customized

Color: Multi Color

Usage: Internal

Surface Finishing: Finished

Formula:: Calcium Zinc UPVC PVC Profiles

Certification: CE/RoHs/ISO9001

Additional Info

Packaging: Plastic Bags

Productivity: 3000tons monthly

Brand: Lumei

Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: Jinan,China

Supply Ability: 10000tons

Certificate: ISO9001

HS Code: 3916909000

Port: Qingdao

Product Description

Our main PVC profile have swing casement series;sliding series PVC profiles.casement series have 60mm/65mm/70mm profiles;sliding series have 60mm two tracks/80mm/88mm/100mm three tracks. Main color have white,black,grey,wooden colors for you choice! Recently white uv-resistance and wood laminated rays PVC profile are very popular in many countries and markets,Asia, Europe, South America, North America.Our products are sold to many countries, such as Canada, the United States, Spain, Greece, Chile, Australia, El Salvador and other countries.

70mm Casement Window

Advantages of uPVC Windows

-----Folding corrosion resistance
Plastic steel doors and windows have good corrosion resistance due to their unique formula

-----Folding weather resistance
Plastic steel doors and windows adopt special formula, adding UV absorber and low temperature impact agent to raw materials, thus improving the weather resistance of plastic steel doors and windows.

-----Folding fire resistance
Plastic steel doors and windows are not self-igniting, do not support combustion, self-extinguishing from fire, safe and reliable, in line with fire protection requirements, this performance has expanded the use of plastic steel doors and windows.

-----Folding insulation performance
Plastic steel doors and windows use excellent electrical insulation of profiled materials, non-conductive, and high safety factor.

-----Good air tightness

-----Strong sound insulation

Sliding Pantio Door Pvc Profile

Available Pvc Wood Grain Color

Certification of PVC Profile:

--Lumei PVC profile for uPVC windows and doors are lead free and all of products are ensured by CE/RoHS/ISO9001 Certification.

--Lumei PVC profile are 100% raw material 100% recycled materials .Really environmentally friendly
--Lumei PVC profile have special products have been added, and a sufficient amount of UV absorbers, titanium dioxide, has been added to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet effects. 
--The surface of the Lumei PVC profile product is smooth, it is not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean.
--Lumei PVC profile The multi-cavity design structure prevents the heat from being dissipated too quickly, thereby making the heat preservation performance good, and the upvc material is not easy to be burned due to the addition of the flame retardant material.

Jinan Lumei Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of profiles and Chen products. We have professional uPVC doors and windows researchers, with efficient door and window production equipment, high-end quality product laminating machine.
The types of uPVC windows we can provide are fixed window, upper hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, vertical turning window, swinging door and window, pulley casement window, pulley window, swinging lower hanging window, sliding door and window, sliding and sliding. Windows, folding doors, lifting sliding doors, sliding folding doors, inner sliding doors.
upvc window size

-----In order to give full play to the advantages of uPVC doors and windows, and extend the service life of plastic steel doors and windows, in the course of use, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of uPVC doors and windows:

1. The dust on the doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep the doors, windows, glass and hardware clean and bright.

2. If the doors and windows are contaminated with oil stains and other difficult to clean things, you can use Jieer Liang to scrub, and it is best not to use strong acid or strong alkali solution for cleaning, which will not only damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the surface of the hardware. The protective film and oxide layer cause corrosion of the hardware.

3. The granules and other debris on the inside of the frame should be cleaned in time to prevent the drainage channel from being blocked and causing poor drainage and water leakage.

4. When opening the door and window, the intensity should be moderate, try to keep the speed even when opening and closing.

5. Try to avoid hitting the door or window with a hard object or scratching the surface of the profile.

6. When the uPVC doors and windows are found to be inflexible or other abnormal conditions during use

-------When the door and window installation team of the assembly factory completes the installation of doors and windows, due to the carelessness of the wall decoration personnel, the thickness of the filling foaming agent often appears uneven or adhered to the steel doors and windows. Sometimes, stubborn marks are also present. At this point, we can:

A. Use a blade to level the area of the fill and smooth it with sandpaper.

B. If the paint is decorated, the shovel can be treated with the same color paint.

C. Scrub the surface of the profile with water to remove general dust.

D. Use a white cotton gauze with ethyl acetate to scrub the stubborn stains, then scrub with water.

-------One of the advantages of uPVC doors and windows is that there is basically no need for maintenance, but considering that there are many plastic steel door and window profiles selected improperly or the processing quality is poor, it is recommended that users should be repaired and maintained once every six months to one year. Generally check the following five aspects:

A. There is no crack in the weld of the profile of the door and window frame or the fan.

B. Whether the door and window sash has obvious deformation, warpage, and flat fan sag.

C. Check the seal strip and the strip for shrinkage, deformation and voids.

D. Whether the hardware accessories are broken, damaged or tight.

E. Is the drainage hole unobstructed?

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