Swing Windows Profile

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Swing Windows Profile

Material: 100% pvc material without lead
Certification:CE/RoHS/ISO 9001
Mold: European /american/turkey standard
Color: white/gray/black/laminated wood film
MOQ:one 20GP container for 8tons
Application: upvc casement windwos doors
Origin:Jinan Shandong,China
plastic upvc profiles for swing windows and doors 

Lumei is one of the leading uPVC profile manufacturers in China since 1995. Product in lead free formula and issued by CE certification. Mold sizes in 60mm/65mm/70mm casement series profiles;80mm/88mm/108mm sliding series. 95mm American standard upvc profiles, According to market feedback, our double track frame is very popular, 55mm and 60mm double track frame, 55mm with our 80 push-pull fan, 60mm with our 88/60 push-pull large fan.

We are also the one stop-solution supplier of window and door systems.

Advantages of pvc doors and windows

1. Insulation performance and sealing performance are good: aluminum-plastic steel doors and windows have low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation effect, and good air tightness, and will not feel cold in cold regions. The aluminum-plastic composite window is equipped with multiple sealing tops or strips at each slot. The airtightness is one level, which can fully exert the air conditioning effect and save 50% energy.

2. Sound insulation and anti-theft performance: The steel door and window structure has been carefully designed, the joints are tight, the sound insulation effect is good, and the relevant standards are met. In addition, aluminum-plastic composite windows, equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, make the thieves helpless.

3. Impact resistance and fire prevention: Plastic steel doors and windows are UPVC materials, which are not self-igniting, do not support combustion, and are fireproof and impact resistant.

4. Maintenance-free: Aluminum-plastic composite profiles are not easily attacked by acid and alkali, and will not turn yellow and fade, so there is almost no maintenance. If the surface is stained, it can be scrubbed with water and cleaning agent, and cleaned as soon as possible after cleaning.

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