Pvc Profile System Windows

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Pvc Profile System Windows

Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
Corner Strength ≥2400
NVicat softing point ≥80.2 ℃
Charpy impact strength ≥21.2 KJ/M2
Color White/ grey/ lamanted/ wire drawing etc
. Monthly output:3,000 Tons
MOQ:8 tons for a 20ft container
pvc profile for windows doors system

Our lumei upvc profiles are 100% lead free materials with Profile compositipon: about 70% pvc 20% calcium 8% titanium, which is part of the raw materials, as well as a certain amount of UV absorbers, stabilizers and other materials. The specific product formula requires a technician to match.

The performance requirements of energy-saving doors and windows continue to evolve.

The Lumei solution is a unique PVC profile system that includes essential elements for windows and door frames (such as specific glass packaging), excellent performance in cold, wind and water conditions with low heat transfer coefficient.

The product's guillotine platform design allows for up to 1 3/8" insulative glass packages. These products feature incredible variants and packaging options, including triple glazing applications.

Lumei PVC profile system, we provide customers with the flexibility that the industry has been expecting.

About the pvc mould and special pvc mould for pvc profiles,we have professional designer to design the mould drawings and make it. 


The PVC window frame is a plastic frame to ensure good thermal insulation; even if it does not have all the color changes of aluminum, it can have a good surface finish.

Our PVC doors and windows are the products on the market, with all the necessary conditions to meet all your needs in terms of function, accessories and design, thanks to the excellent insulation value that makes your home life more comfortable.

Key features to ensure PVC windows are: high quality price ratio, easy opening and use, reduced maintenance requirements, solar control glasses, the best solution against environmental overheating; PVC characteristics are also suitable for resisting atmospheric media Industrial plastic resin. A major advantage of PVC is its low cost and high output.

Our PVC windows ensure continuous ambient temperature, heating in winter and cooling in summer.

PVC is characterized by excellent sound absorption to ensure that sound is dissipated and external noise is prevented from entering the house.

laminated upvc profile

upvc Profiles

our pvc profile to make the finished pvc windows and doors

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Our Profiles certification have CE/ROHS/ISO 9001.Our product quality is strictly tested by machine

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