Pvc Extrusion Profile

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Pvc Extrusion Profile

Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
Corner Strength ≥2400 NVicat softing point ≥80.2 ℃Charpy impact strength ≥21.2 KJ/M2
Color White/ grey/ lamanted/ wire drawing etc.
Monthly output:3,000 Tons
MOQ:8 tons for a 20feet container
Shipping length:5.8-6.0 mts available
Delivery date:5-10 days for one container

80mm sliding pvc extrusion profile factory in China

Company profile:

Lumei Profiles Co., Ltd. Is a professional provider focusing on plastic building material in energy conservation filed of modern architecture.Lumie profile adopts calcium zinc formula ,meet European quality standard.

PVC window Profiles factory

80mm sliding series design

80mm pvc profile80mm sliding series

80mm sliding pvc profiles  advantages:

The production against noise is an essential characteristic at a modern window, in order to ensure a comfortable life both at come and in office.

Maximum water tightness:

 PVC-U windows do not allow any water leakage, no matter how heavy the rainstorm is. Even in the coastline, they have proven their window and water tightness.

Minimal Maintenance:

UPVC window & Door systems do not require regular painting and expensive maintenance. They do not got, wrap nor corrode in tropical and coastal climate. The maintenance is minimal and does not involve any further costs.

Environment Friendly:

UPVC profile are completely recyclable containing calcium zinc for eco friendliness.

UV Stable:

UPVC windows and doors are completely UV stable and especially suitable for tropical climates.


UPVC profiles maintain excellent inherent material properties. The windows and doors are attractive, perfectly tight and working well eve after many years in use.

80mm slding sash


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Lumei Profiles Co., Ltd. Is a professional provider focusing on plastic building material in energy conservation filed of modern architecture. Limei profiles adopts calcium zinc formula and chooses quality raw materials including non-toxic heat stabilizer ,imported titanium dioxide power ,ultraviolet absorber ,oxidation inhibitor, ect. Products are divided into 60mm/ 70mm/65mm casement series,80 mm/88mm/108mm/60mm sliding series ,and include ASA and PMMA double-colored co-extruded profile ,film coating profiles ,wire drawing profile, embossing profile, and uvioresistant profile. Our products have been exported to many countries, including Asia Europe Middle East Africa the Americas. Absolutely won't let you down.

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