Four Head PVC Seamless Welding Machine

Product Description

Four Head PVC Seamless Welding Machine

Power supply:AC 220V 50Hz
Total Power:3.5kw
Air pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption :200L /min
Welding material length:400-3500mm
Welding material height:20-120mm
Welding material width :≤120mm
Welding mullion width:≤110mm
Welding Temperature ;260 ℃
Clean type ;Inside /outside/both

Four Head PVC Seamless welding machine for PVC window door

Main Features:

1.Using pneumatic adjustment targeting, allows users to select a variety of welding ways ,whether seam or seamless,to realize various welding requirements.Very simple to operate.

2.Four heads can work simultaneously and individually.

3.Weld four-point ,three-point, two-point, single point, transom, cross -transom and special angle.

4.Strict control of welding gap size,make sure the welding parts surface clean both inside and outside smoothly.

5.High load-bearing,the whole machine made by steel.

6.Coextrusion tool is precision manufactured by induction hardening.The tools also changeable.

7.The head use pneumatic locking device to be fastened .

 8.This model welding machine can only achieve single side (outside) seamless .It's track is cylindric.

Four head welding machines

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Our package of the machines and also the upvc profiles mixed loading for one container:

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