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PVC Folding Door

The PVC folding door is mainly composed of a UPVC door frame, a door PVC door sash, a transmission component, a rotating arm component, a transmission rod and an orientation device. This PVC folding door can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each door has four door fans, two side doors and two middle doors. The side frame of the side door fan is connected with the middle door fan by a hinge. The upper and lower ends of the door sill are respectively equipped with upper and lower rotating shafts, and the rotating shaft is connected with the upper and lower rotating shaft seats of the door frame on both sides of the door opening, and the side door sill will rotate around one side, and simultaneously drive the middle door fan to rotate together.

Plastic PVC Folding Door Profile
Plastic PVC Folding Door Profile

Glass External Folding Patio Doors
Glass External Folding Patio Doors

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