Aluminum Clad Windows

The aluminum-clad profile is based on the main uPVC profile, with aluminum on the outside, steel lining in the middle and multi-cavity design structure used for door and window production. The new kind aluminum-clad system window was first unveiled in 2014, technology comes from Germany. It improved the direct connection between the aluminum plate and the plastic profile and replaced the nylon material connector with a direct connection of aluminum and plastic. The door and window can achieve more perfect mechanical properties; at the same time, the aluminum-clad system window uses TPE strip instead of EPDM strip to ensure that the strip never falls off. Lumei independently developed and designed out 70mm aluminum clad uPVC profiles and successfully applied the national patent.

The aluminum-clad door and window is made of uPVC resin as the main raw material and the outer side is coated with aluminum profile. Then the steel lining is fixed on the uPVC profile by screwing, the multi-channel sealing strip and the original hardware are matched with high technical standards. It becomes a highly energy-efficient system.

Aluminium Profiles Clad with uPVC Frame Profiles
Aluminium Profiles Clad with uPVC Frame Profiles

Aluminium Clad uPVC Window Profiles
Aluminium Clad uPVC Window Profiles

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